Wednesday 7th July to Wednesday 28th July

Bible Study -

1. 8 pm …......Spend 15 minutes singing 2-3 of your favourite worship songs

2. 8.15 pm.... Bible Reading......Psalm 73:1-7 How do you feel when you see the wicked prospering whilst the righteous suffering?

Psalm 73:8-14 Do you feel as if you have been plagued with problems whilst the wicked are free from trials?

Psalm 73:15-21 As bitterness of spirit ever kept you away from the church before?

Psalm 73:22-28 Can you say that you’ve made the Lord your refuge?

Prayer topics -

a. Continue to Praise God for His Presence, Provision and Protection over our lives and our church.

b. Thank God for His faithfulness, care, mercy and Love that is keeping us through the pandemic.

c. Please pray for those who are unwell in our fellowship.

d. Pray for the brothers and sisters across the world who are suffering due to Covid-19 and the ongoing persecutions they are facing.

e. Pray for the church of Jesus Christ as the enemy has breached the church. The recent announcement by the Methodist church to allow same-sex marriages is a sign that the enemy is now within the church.

f. Pray for Ann & Mike, Brian & Esther, Toby & Pipa and their families

g. ABC Pray for our fellowship, members and leaders, children and visitors.

h. Pray that Pastor will be filled with the Holy Spirit as he prepares his messages so that people will be encouraged and challenged by the word of God.

i. Pray for those who are still staying away from church because of Covid. Pray that God will remove the spirit of fear from them.

j. Pray for yet another group of schoolgirls who have been kidnapped for ransom in Northern Nigeria.

k. Pray that God will give us a new vision for the church. Also, pray that God will raise up future leaders within our church.


Any other matters!!!!!!!Then Pray.

Close with prayer


Have you listened to our Sermons?