Wednesday 7th April to Wednesday 28 April

1. 8 pm …......Spend 15 minutes singing 2-3 of your favourite worship songs

2. 8.15 pm.... Bible Reading......

John 20: 19 – 30 Seeing is Believing !!. Is this you?

John 21: 1 – 19 When one is forgiven, responsibility is given

Luke 24: 13 – 35 Downcast and confused or have you opened eyes to recognise Jesus??

Luke 24: 36 – 53 Only Jesus can open our minds to understand the Scriptures

Prayer topics -

4a. Continue to Praise God, adore and bless Him, glorify His holy name

b. Continue to Confess my sins, the sins of the nations and the sins of the church of Jesus Christ and ask God for forgiveness for the sins that are exposed in the church

c. Thank God for His protection, care, mercy and Love that is keeping us through the pandemic

d. The Bible Society in Jamaica has highlighted the devastating effect that the covid-19 has had on the economy, tourism, churches and schools, also the decline in Bible society's income.

e. Pray for the brothers and sisters across the world that are suffering due to the Covid19 and the ongoing persecutions.

f. Continue to pray for the government as they seek to make decisions to stem the Covid 19

g. Pray for Ann & Mike, Brian & Esther, Toby & Pipa and their families

h. ABC Pray for our fellowship, members and leaders, children and visitors.

i. Pray that Pastor will be filled with the Holy Spirit as he prepares his messages so that people will be encouraged and challenged by the word of God.

j. Pray that we will not be fearful and anxious, but instead pray without ceasing that we all will have the vision for the church

k. Pray for the ongoing work in the church, protection from accidents and terror attacks on the three buildings.

Give God thanks for all He is doing.

l. Pray as the Spirit leads. We who have the opportunity to pray unhindered let us devote more time to pray during this Lent Period for God's will to be done both here and worldwide.


m. And any other matters


Close with prayer


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