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I Am Not The Queen

I am not the queen, but I am like her in the fact that I have 2 birthdays.

On this morning, I was in the bath realising I was in water and thinking about when I was born again.

There was a strong presence of my Holy Father with me, parts of songs came to mind….

· Your Holy Spirit Living in Me

· I’m desperate for you, I’m lost without you

As Shayla just announced, it is my birthday tomorrow, my first birthday the original day I came into this world! I won’t say how old I am; however, I do have a second birthday which is on the 10th May 2015, I am only 7 years old! A few words sprung to my mind

  • The Old Me

  • The New Me

  • Forgive

  • Strength

  • Faith

  • Belief

  • Love

  • Father

  • Son

  • Holy Spirit

I/We are walking in the light following the Lord our Father – Unbelievers look to us and wonder what is going on in our lives, we are here to make a change a difference, we are here to do God’s work (Father, Comforter, Friend – Lord you are the same yesterday, today & forever).

No one said being a child of God is easy

Lord, I want to lift your name on high for the work you’ve done in mine/ our lives, Lord we trust in your unfailing love.

No one said being a child of God is easy, no one said it would be problem-free, however having our Father with us makes a difference. The one thing I will say is for me it was the best decision I made, it has changed me wholeheartedly, we should not carry grudges against each other, to forgive is to forget, the two come hand in hand.

You will only know how your life will change by becoming a Christian, you can wonder what if or how will I change, but until you take the step you will be forever wondering.

When we are born as babies we cannot walk or talk straight away it is a learning process we go through, these things take time for us to develop and grow, which is the same in your Christian life you grow and develop on your journey.


Testimony by Donna 6th March 2022

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